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Now, making rotis would not be a tedious task anymore. Introducing nutritious Ready Roti pack made from Specially Milled Whole Wheat Atta. Unlike other wheat products, Ready Roti is made from wheat grinded without allowing any extractions of ingredients like Rawa, Suji and Choker (Bran) keeping its nutritional value intact. The even distribution of all the ingredients provides consistent taste and makes Ready Roti a mouth-watering choice. Moreover, the wheat flour is processed at a lower temperature retaining essential dietary fibre. Now, enjoy a complete meal with tasty and healthy rotis minus any hassles.
How to cook ‘Ready Roti’?

Gas Chulha: Preheat Tawa to 220° C (Test this by sprinkling some flour on the Tawa. The flour should turn brown in 1-2 seconds). Heat Roti on one side for 20 seconds, and then turn it over to the other side for 15 seconds. Remove Roti from tawa and place directly over the flame. The Roti will puff-up into a phulka.

1. Store ‘Ready Roti’ in refrigerator or freezer to increase shelf life beyond the use by date.

2. When travelling abroad, carry your ‘Ready Roti’ packs along, taking care to preserve it in a refrigerator or freezer and enjoy home-style Rotis during your stay abroad.
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