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Since the Invention of Sliced Bread

Bread Innovation is a constant driving force at Harvest Gold. It enables us to put new ideas into practice and provide results that are superior to what has been available. Here’s a peek into our pioneering initiatives that went on to become the industry standard across India.

Harvest Gold was the first bread manufacturing unit in India to pack bread in hygienic and convenient poly-wrapping. Before this practice came into operation, bread was packed in wax-paper and the consumers often complained that they had no idea whether the bread was fresh or stale, under baked or burnt. Hence, the concept of clear see through packaging was born. We were confident about our product and experimented with a unique design of packing that gave the choice of ‘what you see is what you get’ to consumers’. The idea was an instant hit and its popularity was so immense that the rest of bread industry followed suit.

Another idea of the company that became a trend was the introduction of plastic crates for bread transport and storage.

Traditional iron crates were originally used for this but were cumbersome and heavy for the people who handled them and could cause injury at times besides being expensive to transport on diesel guzzling trucks. Needless to add that plastic crates resolved all of these problems and went on to become another industry standard across India.

A great product needs great advertising “Bakwaas Advertising – First Class Bread” has become iconic in its subtle and sometimes not so subtle satirical limericks on current affairs. Humorous, sharp and witty, the campaign not only earned laurels from the critics but has also become one of the most successful teaser campaigns in the country.

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