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We Don’t Live by Bread Alone

Harvest Gold fulfills its obligation as a responsible corporate member of society. This has led us to initiate various programs aimed at giving back to the communities in which we operate. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter we actively promote the following initiatives:-

PROJECT EMPOWER was initiated seven years ago in which Harvest Gold distributed free trolleys to unskilled people to enable them to earn an income with dignity. Harvest Gold was responsible for providing the training inputs, financial and logistical support as well as for garnering overall community support from the local RWA’s for these people thereby enabling them to earn a livelihood. As of now, 130 such trolleys and an equal number of gainfully employed people are testimony to the success of this scheme.

PROJECT EDUCATE A CHILD was started by establishing “MASOOM” a school cum day care center for underprivileged children. Masoom focuses on providing an education as well as a mid-day meal and day care for these children. These children, who otherwise would spend their time loitering on the streets, are given an opportunity to obtain an education. It is heartwarming to see how such small contributions, can make such a large difference to someone’s life. .

PROJECT GIVE BACK consists of Harvest Gold’s support for various NGOs such as The Salam Balak Foundation, The Hope Foundation and The Cancer Patient’s Aids Association.

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