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Our Market Leadership Based on Innovation, Passion, Excellence and Caring.

Amongst FMCG companies Harvest Gold’s story is perhaps a unique one. Not satisfied with the poor quality of bread available in the market, the promoters decided to bake some decent bread for themselves and a few discerning similar souls. These souls it seems were more than a few and within a few months the company was a runaway success. From this humble beginning in 1993 Harvest Gold eventually came to dominate the NCR bread market (with an over 70% market share) demolishing the erstwhile established bread companies somewhere along this journey to success.

The company is run by a team of professionals drawn from diverse fields and sometime displaying extraordinary credentials. The head of the engineering team who designed the major production equipment, for example, once helped Shri Abdul Kalam (the Hon’ble Ex President of India) design missiles during his DRDO days.

The company prides itself on similarly displaying an innovative and “out–of–the box thinking” approach be it engineering, product development or advertising.

Harvest Gold is a company that is passionate in it’s mission to bring great quality bread to you - the consumer. This “Passion for Excellence” is part of the DNA of the company. So you can be sure that whether it is the taste and quality of it’s bread or it’s proprietary world class technology or the training, skills and commitment that go to make up the people who work at Harvest Gold, the company is busy dreaming up new ways to make the loaf of bread that you eat every day, softer, fresher, tastier and more nutritious.

Harvest Gold also takes great pride in caring for the people that matter most.

We care for you the consumer in delivering to you the “Bestest Bread” in the entire universe!

We care for our people who are the team members who make up Harvest Gold. We care about their welfare and wellbeing, their career and aspirations as well as their happiness!

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